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4 April 17:30Ekskäret Klustret

Come celebrate our
Grand Opening

 and co-create together!

We welcome you to join a crowd of remarkable people and co-create the Grand Opening of Ekskäret Klustret April 4-5  to celebrate our relocation to a magical former cinema at Birger Jarlsgatan 58 in Stockholm.

We are hosting a full-fledged conference exploring many aspects of inner and outer transformation on the individual, organisational and societal levels. 

Join us for a rich blend of plenary sessions, workshops, reflective dialogues and experiences that will engage your mind, body and soul. 

Mindshift Days 1/3: Grand Opening Gear-Up (Thursday 17.00-late)

The first part of the event will be an evening with focus on shifting minds, regenerating our planet and conscious activism.

Come and be a part of an after work mingle with drinks and snacks, and meaningful conversations: 

  • A keynote speech by Tomas Björkman: Mindshift - What do we need to shift and how?
    To meet the current challenges we need to see our selves society and the ecosystem with new eyes. The current paradigm has blind spots that we need to become aware of. To be able to manage the transformation to a sustainable and thriving society we need a mindshift!

  • A keynote speech by Göran Gennvi: Beyond Sustainability - How do we find conscious and regenerative ways of co-inhabiting our planet? 
    Let´s explore - what does it take to solve our global problems in ways that not only respect the Earth and its life-support systems, but that enhance them, ensuring that the next generation’s world is richer in every way than ours?

  • A mindshifting performance and a near-life experience; The adventures of conscious activism - Playback Theatre** with Teater X
    Teater X uses an improv-form called Playback theatre that has its roots in experimental theatre and storytelling. In a Playback performance the actors mirror what the audience share with a magical blend of poetry, music and movement. Teater X has been in service of the Scandinavian society since 1999, giving public performances and workshops for the development of organisations.

  • Meaningful conversations

'Grand Opening- Gear-Up' is one of three events during 'The Grand Opening of Ekskäret Klustret'. You can also take part of 'The Grand Opening Conference' (Friday day, read more!) or 'The Grand Opening Celebration'  (Friday evening, read more!).

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Tomas Björkman
Mindshift - What do we need to shift and how?

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Göran Gennvi
Beyond Sustainability - How do we find conscious and regenerative ways of co-inhabiting our planet?

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Teater X
A mindshifting performance and a near-life experience; The adventures of conscious activism - Playback Theatre

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Ekskäret Klustret

Ekskäret Klustret is a co-workingspace and a hub in central Stockholm for entrepreneurs, thinkers and change-makers who, through their dedication and their operations, both have the will and the power to influence the development of a more conscious and sustainable society.Klustret is a growing arena of exploratory dialogues, workshops, events, lectures, etc. on topics related to a more conscious development of the individual, organisations and the society.